Wednesday, July 18, 2012

199/366 School stuff. New backpacks!

We’ve got lots to do before school starts.  So we went shopping.  We got pencils and crayons and markers and paints. But first, we looked at the fish.

And then we got to pick out our own backpacks.  We have to get the big kind now, and we only have the little kid kind.  This is the one KiKi picked.

I picked one with a frog on it… but I’ll wait to show it off til my first day of kindergarten! 


  1. Now that is a huge backpack. You will be able to keep every supply in the world in it. Now I think mommy is a good mommy is she let anyone buy a backpack with a frog on it. I couldn't ever let anyone I know willfully carry something with a spider on it. Kuddos to you mom.

  2. School Supply JunkieAugust 3, 2012 at 7:27 AM

    That's a lot of fun. I loved going back to school shopping when I was a kid. New pencils, new paper, scissors and glue! Loved it all.


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