Wednesday, July 4, 2012

185/366 Too hot for fireworks

For America’s birthday, we like to go to Miss Cindy’s house, so this year… we did again!

We were SO glad to see Grandma C.  KiKi squeezed a little too hard though.

Miss Cindy always has the best snacks. She even had neat things to keep the chip dip cool while we were outside when it was 105 degrees!

Since we were going to be in hot sun for a long time, we wore our outside swim suits. They keep our arms safe from sun.  

We like to hang out with Mommy in the water.  She kept trying to relax on the lay-down thing, but me and KiKi climbed on top of her.  We called it the Mommy Boat.

Mommy tried to help me work on my floating on my back. Because I do NOT like that at all.  But I did pretty good this time!  We counted to 10 each time we practiced, and we did lots of practice times!

KiKi had to do it, too, of course.  She did a good job!

We were in the pool ALL day and had so much fun!  But when we left, we conked out right away…

Thanks for another great pool day, Miss Cindy!!


  1. So glad Kinlee is wearing her "stud muffin" glasses.

  2. Yeah, Karol, why did my kid come back from your house saying stud muffin?

    Good floating, Braska!


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