Saturday, November 24, 2007

Car time, friends, and more family

Saturday we played more games at Grammy and Papa's house in the morning while Mommy got ready to go. Grammy helped me on a horsey that bounces. I think it'll be more fun when I get a little bigger. Mommy says this toy has been around for a very long time.

Then we left and drove a while to Mr. Justin and Miss Julie's new house. They live farther away from our house now, but they live closer to Grammy and Papa's house, so we went to see them for a quick visit. I played with Macie and Morgan, but their little sister Millie is still in Miss Julie's tummy. I can't play with her yet. Morgan was napping when we left, but Macie came down to tell me bye-bye.

When we finally got to Grandma C's house that night, Miss Karen A. was visiting from Kansas. Mommy always tells me how good Miss Karen took care of us when I was a tiny baby. We miss her since she moved away far. She brought me a birthday present! I got to open it and play with the paper, which is my favorite part. It was some neat music CDs and a cute machine to play them in.

I played for a while in all the fun, crunchy paper that was in the big bag. I showed Miss Karen A. how much I can play now since I'm bigger than when she was here last time.

She had to go back to Kansas, so I didn't get to see her after I went to bed.
Thanks Miss Karen!


  1. You are a blessed little girl to have so many wonderful friends. Thank you, Miss Karen!!

  2. That horse looks like so much fun!

  3. I just LOVE the new pics on Braska on the blog. I know you have had them for some time, and I have been meaning to say it, so here I finally get to it. Adorable!

  4. Hey Braska, fun to hear about your journey. We are so jealous of your midwest travels. I bet you can find a Taco Bell whenever you want!

    One other thing, don't forget that it is "Dr. Justin". Not the kind of doctor that you know about though, just the kind of doctor that spent lots of time in school to earn less money than if he was selling hotdogs on the street. Tell your daddy hi for me.

  5. I used to have the best time on those rocking horses! I still remember it! I'd get it going so hard that the legs would bump the ground.


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