Thursday, November 15, 2007

Simulpost: All done

(I don't have time to write two for those who check both, sorry to be repetitive.)

Wow, that was quick. I laid her on the bed, walked out, played a little solitaire on my phone because they said I wouldn't have time to even log on to my computer, and they came to get me in about 9 minutes. That's quick. They didn't even give her ANYTHING, just pulled the PEG out (that HAS to hurt!) and then put the new button in. I'll have pics later, but for now, we're good and grabbing a bite to eat before we swing by Grandma C's house on the way home.

They said she screamed when they held her down and such, but by the time I returned to the room, she was calm and happy and not even red-faced. She is such a tough cookie! Thank you, God, for such a tough little girl!


  1. Been praying for you girls - so glad it went well! Have a safe trip home!

  2. The pictures on your new mast are beautiful!! About time I got out of my Google reader to see them.

    ANYWAY - so glad to hear Braska did so well today. YAY! What a brave girl.

  3. Great job girls! So glad it went well. See you soon- Karen K

  4. Great news! Yay lil' miss Toughy!


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