Friday, November 9, 2007

A little better

I'm not feeling so icky the last couple days, but I have had some stuff in my nose that makes me try to itch it alot. We have done some fun things, so I have a few pictures for you.

A few nights ago me and Mommy went to see Miss Sara and Ali. Ali wanted to play but I didn't feel like it so much.

I was a little grouchy, Mommy told me. She brought my toys and my blanket, but I just didn't want to play on the floor. Ali goes all over the place real fast. Mommy says I should take lessons from her.

I did find a fun thing that Miss Sara had. It's like one we have at home. Mommy pushes the buttons and the people on the TV change.

I have been playing with my chewy tubes that Miss Louise gave me. I like to shake them alot even though they don't make noise. Mommy says I'm supposed to put them in my mouth, but I don't think so. When I did try it once, it was kind of fun to chew on them, but mostly I like to shake them.

Tonight we watched some TV while Pop got his decks ready to go play with the guys. Mommy says I should give a Braska Bravo to anyone who can tell us who that is on the TV and what show it was. Any guesses?


  1. Cutie McCuterson. That's YOU!

  2. Oh Braska, I am so glad you're starting to feel better!

    You sure are cute!! And who doesn't love to play with a good remote!?

  3. Braska,

    No idea who is on your tv.... but YOU should be with that sweet lil' face!

    Tommy and his mama.


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