Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday after holiday

Today is Christmas. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. That's what Mommy says. I'm not sure that's right, because everyone else seems to think that Christmas is a little bit away. She said it's because we won't be seeing Grammy and Papa and the aunties and uncles on this side of the family at Christmas. So here's how it went...

Auntie Rachel and Mr. Patrick came on Thursday morning. We got to play a little and I showed her how cute I looked in one of the outfits she got me. I found a nice, comfy place to sit, too.
She wanted to see the beginnings of my teeth that showed up. Yup! I'm getting teeth! So I was checking out her teeth too.

All Mommy's sisters played with me and took lots of pictures.

Auntie Joy and I watched some Baby Einstein.

After Thanksgiving dinner, and after alot of football watching by the big people, we decided it was time to open presents early. We didn't want to wait til the morning time. Uncle Jody was there and he had to go home, so we wanted to open while he was there.

This was part of my present pile. Isn't that just silly!?!

Pop started opening one for me and then he let me try some. I liked the crunchy paper.
I got alot of neat warm clothes from Auntie Rachel and Uncle Patrick. I also got some fun books and toys from the aunties and uncles.

Today we played some games this morning, well, I watched while they played on something that sounds like We. The big boys played lots of funny games with it and I cheered for Pop.
Then we had Christmas Dinner. Two big dinners in two days! Grammy is a good cook, though, so we had lots of yummy food both days. Since Uncle Jody wasn't here today, I got to sit in his spot. It was fun to sit at the table. Pop even gave me some food, but I didn't care about that. I just let it sit on my tray. I was having fun just making noise on my tray.
Auntie Joy read me some books while the big kids played some more.
Then Auntie Rachel and Mr. Patrick left to go home. Tomorrow we'll drive some more in the car and go see some friends. Then we'll go to Grandma C's house. I don't think we'll have more holidays, though.


  1. Christmas AND teeth! Wow-dee-dowdy doo! :)

  2. What a special time, Braska! It's been great having you all with us!

    Papa Beagle

  3. Thank you for coming to see us. We love having all of you! Come again soon!!


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