Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cute as a dinosaur

Yesterday was Halloween. I had a day outfit and a night outfit. This is my day outfit. It's part of what Aunt Hyla sent me with some of my new BabyLegs!!
Miss Louise came and played with me today. We played in my Bumbo with the stacking cups. Mommy and me play with these alot. She puts them up and counts them and I knock them down. So we were showing Miss Louise how to play.
Last night we had a pretty fun time. We went to church where they had a thing called a FunFest, and they were right. It was fun. Mommy got this funny outfit for me, but lots of kids had funny outfits. I have lots of neat pictures to show you of how cute we were!
Here's my funny outfit.
We got this so I could be one of Pop's favorite things. You might just think I'm a dinosaur, but Pop said it was a Pygmy Allosaurus. (I had to have Pop help me spell it.) It's a card from his game that he plays with the guys alot.

There were lots of kids at the church, and there were lots of games, but they were for the bigger kids, so Pop said I could play them when I was a little bigger.

This is the new playground in our church. It has lots of things I'll get to climb on when I get stronger. They had pizza and yummy food too.

There were games in all the rooms that are around the playground. It looks like a little town, but it's inside, which is good because it was cold.

This is the big room where we usually sit for church. They had big toys that the older kids could bounce in and slide on. They were having lots of fun!

This is the room where the older kids have their church on Sunday. It has a little place to eat and games and had a big blow-up thing too.

We got to see so many of my friends. We even took a picture with some of them.

That's Mr. Randy, Maddy, Pop, me, Gracie, Miss Karen K, Miss Tiffany, and Charlie.

Here's me and my friend Livy. She was helping me sit up because she's nice. She's gonna be a big sister soon, so she's practicing on me!

I spent most of the night with Pop, and we had a good time. Can you see how I look like my Pop?

Miss Robin told us to play a game where he holds me up high, and I like it alot.

At the end of the night, we played on the floor a little, and I started feeling tired.

When we were going to the car, I told Mommy about how much fun I had.

When we got home, we went next door to see our friends and show them my funny outfit.
I hope you all had a Happy Halloween too!


  1. Great costume!

    And your church looks great. I've never seen a church with all that!

  2. What a great costume! Kaylee was a Ninja Turtle, like her brothers and a pumpkin. I wish we would have gone to your church for fun last night, our street didn't have hardly ANY treat or treaters, can we come play with you next year? Maybe you and Kaylee will be big enough for some of those fun looking things!
    Ms Ann & co. :)

  3. You are so cute! I hope it was as fun as it looked!!

  4. Wow! What a neat bunch of pictures! More pics for Papa Beagle's PDA to show off to folks!


  5. Those pictures are totally adorable! I love it - Braska definitely looks like she had a great time!

    And the Baby Legs? Too cool!!

  6. It was so fun too see you there! And you were by far the cuuuuuuuutest Pygme Alloasuarus that I have ever seen!!! Tell your mommy and daddy that we should all get together and play soon! I can't believe how big you have gotten. It was not that long ago that your mommy was saying that you were too little for your Bumbo, and look at you now, all grown up as big as a dinosuar! See you soon cutie- Karen K

  7. Braska, You are the cutest little dinosaur. Wish we lived closer because my mommy likes your church! - Tommy

  8. Braska,
    I don't know what I'm going to do if you get any cuter. I absolutely love your outfit. You have the best taste in things!

  9. She seriously is the cutest thing ever. Rhett says he is totally in love!!!

  10. We had such a fun night! We should wear costumes more often, but maybe more "air-conditioned" ones! Love, Livy

  11. What is the cutest Pygme Alloasuarus I've ever seen! And your church is too cool!

  12. That is the cutest!

    Braska, you do look like your pop!

  13. Holy Crap Cute Alert! LOVE the costume. She is totally digging the costume too.

  14. I can't get over how cute that girl is!!!!!


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