Monday, November 5, 2007

Sitting around

Yesterday after church we went to Toro with some of our friends. This is Miriam. She's moving to St. Louis with her parents. She's just a little bit older than me.

When we got home from lunch, I played while Mommy watched football and Pop took a nap. My arm kept getting caught in my shirt again like it did the other day, so I just tried my sneaky trick again. I'm getting pretty good at it!

Today Pop put me in the laundry basket. He started to take me out after a minute and I told him I wanted to go back in.

He thought it was pretty funny that I liked the basket, but I did. I just relaxed in there for a while.

I also worked on sitting tonight. Mommy helped me get set then she let go.

I did it for almost a whole minute, which Mommy says is a long time!

Here's a movie of me practicing to sit. I'm gonna get it soon!


  1. Look at you go!! I am so proud of you! Such a big girl!!! Karen K

  2. Yay for sitting!!!!! Fantastic work Miss Braska :)

  3. Great pictures and video clip! Maybe if they put you in the laundry basket more often, you'll be able to sit up faster?? Way to grow!

    Papa Beagle

    PS: Wonder where Mom got her inclination to enjoy football?

  4. Braska-your too cute!-Great job sitting!!!!

  5. Braska,

    Your mommy and daddy are so wonderful to teach you things like sitting.... and it looks like you all have a GREAT time doing it. The video is wonderful! We are so interested in watching you grow. Tommy is just starting to sit by himself also which is wonderful in the bathtub ;) The Gtube has it's plus' and minus' but he seems so much more active without the nose hose. Take care!


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