Thursday, November 15, 2007

My tube is gone

Today we went to St. Louis but now we're home. It was alot of time in the car, but I napped a little and I talked to Dollie some too.

Here's some stuff that we did:
They put me on the silly scale, and I was 14 lbs 10 oz, so I got a little bigger.

Then they tried to put a tight thing on my arm, but I didn't want to wait for it, so I decided to play with it instead. The nurse lady just decided that she didn't need the numbers anyway, so she let me play.

I also found plenty of the toys I like that Mommy calls tubes and cords. There were lots of them there!! There was one on my bed that I liked alot, and I kept playing when Mommy was trying to keep me still.

Isn't this a neat curtain? It has a picture on it that looks just like the big silver thing that we see by the big water river when we go to St. Louis!

After they did some stuff to my belly that I didn't like very much, Mommy came back in. I felt better then, and I even told her Hi.

Mommy and me went to get some lunch downstairs.

Then we went to see Grandpa J after he had been to the hospital today too. Uncle Ethon was there, but I didn't remember him so I got a little scared. Mommy said we'll see him again next week, so I can remember him then.

After we got home, I played a little on the floor. There's a new thing on my belly. Where did that come from??


  1. She looks great! I'm glad it went well.

  2. She looks so cute - especially in the ones after her procedure. I'm glad all went well!

  3. Cool button Braska! Way to go, you did great! Oh and you are not the only one who does not like that tight thing on your arm, I hate those things. Say Hi to your mommy for me! Karen K

  4. Braska,

    Good job being brave! Tommy will get his PEG changed to a mickey in January. I'll tell him how brave you are!

    RK- I'm so glad that God has placed you in our path. And that you are writing all of this wonderful information for us to read. You and Braska are a few months ahead of Tommy and I and we rely on this information ;) Thank you! -Sandi

  5. Oh man she is a sweetie! Such a doll! I am so glad she recovered quickly from the button. (((hugs)))

  6. So glad it went well1! I was thinking of you guys all day.

    Great picts too!!

    She is so dang cute!!

  7. WTG, Braska! You look GREAT! And almost 15 lbs!!! :)


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