Thursday, March 13, 2008

Visiting Dr. R

Today went pretty well. Mommy and I went to see Dr. R, and he said I looked good and my button does too. I got to talk to some nice people in the waiting room. I like to sit up big in my stroller and say hello to people.

The nurse put me on the silly scale, and I've gotten a little bigger. 17 lbs 2.8 oz and 27.5 inches.

Tonight we went out to dinner with Grandma C, Grandpa J, and Uncle Ethon. It was a fun time at a place kind of like El Toro, but I didn't eat anything because it wasn't the same. I did talk to Uncle Ethon and tried to show him what I wanted him to order. And I played with Grandpa J too, standing up big and sitting down again.


  1. Braska, I'm so glad to hear that your tummy is all better! That silver nitrate is no fun, I know. My sister used to get infections on her tummy where her G tube is and she always cried when my parents had to use that. So I'm so happy you don't have to do that anymore! Glad to hear you are better, too. I hope we can get together soon!

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  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better What a busy week you had! Hope the glasses stay injury free for a while!


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