Saturday, March 29, 2008

Retropost:Cory, Mary, and Easter

Our friends Mr. Cory and Miss Mary came to visit last weekend. They moved away right after I got to come home from the hospital when I was a tiny baby. First they moved to Oregon, but now they live in Wisconsin. Mommy and Daddy were very excited for them to come see us! They came to our house at bedtime on Thursday night and went home at lunchtime on Easter Sunday. We had alot of fun doing all kinds of things while they were here.

On Friday, we played a game Mr. Cory brought. I didn't understand it one bit. But I know there were something called zombies. Mr. Cory likes zombies alot, so we weren't surprised he had a game like this. I sat with Mommy and with Miss Mary some. Neither one of them seemed to be having alot of fun. This must be a boys game. I thought the cards were fun to chew on, though.

On Friday, I also did a new trick...I picked up a ball with both my hands. I even licked it! Mommy was so surprised, because usually I don't like to try to pick things up that are too big for one hand.

On Saturday, we dipped eggs in little bowls that made them different colors. We had stickers and special crayons that helped make the eggs pretty. I mostly watched because I didn't want to get messy.

On Sunday, Mr. Cory and Miss Mary had to go home to Wisconsin. We miss them being around. Maybe we'll go see them soon.

After they left to go home, we went to Miss Karen K's house for Easter dinner. It was like a big family, Mommy and Daddy said. All the girls got to sit together at the little table. That's me, Gracie, Olivia, Maddy, and Ali.

The other girls are older, but I think the 16-month-olds (that's me and Ali) stole the show!

Miss Karen, Miss Jen, and Miss Sara had made a very nice dinner, and Miss Karen had a really pretty big-people table.

The girls at the little table got a little silly for me, so I went to sit with Mommy at the big table. I even tasted some yummy things from Mommy's plate. There were some good sauces, and I like sauces these last weeks, but only in little bits.

After dinner, all us little girls got to look for eggs that the big people hid around the house. Most of the eggs got found by the other girls, because I'm the only one who can't run around by myself yet. So Daddy helped me find some that were especially for me (and him) to find. It was pretty fun to find eggs with Daddy.

The other girls were nice and shared their eggs with me too.

Then the mommies wanted to take a picture of all of us girls together. Here's how it went.

We all sat down at first.

Then things started to go wrong.

The girls started to be silly.

Then it all came apart.

And all the sudden, I was the only one on the couch.

Thanks for coming, Mr. Cory and Miss Mary! And thanks for a nice dinner and egg hunt, Miss Karen and all the friends!


  1. WTG w/ your new trick, and it looks like you had a fun Easter dinner. The pictures of all the little girls are adorable. We always have such a hard time getting a group shot of all the kids on holidays even though most of the kids are old enough to sit still.

  2. Glad you tried some sauces! Sounds like you had fun at the Easter hunt and hangin' with the big girls. Great job picking up and licking the ball! Yum!

  3. You and Easter go good together. I cry a little bit everytime I think of you and Easter.

  4. Braska, you seem to be doing so many new things lately! That's wonderful! And I'm glad to hear you are tasting some new food! That's great! I hope you enjoyed your easter!

  5. Wonderful Easter picturs. I tell ya Braska, you are one BEAUTIFUL little girl!

  6. What a special day you had!! You have grown even in the week since I have been able to check your blog. I see you are starting to explore with your tongue. That's a good sign!! Keep on exploring and tasting and you will find lots of good things :o)
    Love you, sweetie peach!!


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