Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Retropost: Before the uh-oh

Tomorrow I'll tell you about what's happening with my glasses and show you pictures. But first, I gotta catch up a little bit! (If you wanna see what Mommy thinks about it, you can read her stories.)

On Saturday, it was time to go to playday 4 at the big college. Daddy had to work, so Mommy and I went. It was all about moving around this week, so there was stuff to climb on and run around in. I don't really know how to climb or run around yet, but I did find the tunnel or tube thing that I played with last week. This week, Mommy helped me crawl in there, and then we rolled around. It was fun, and I even figured out how to roll myself in it!

Then I practiced my standing up in it too. I'm getting better!

After playday, it was time to meet up with our friends. They don't live here anymore, so we only get to see them sometimes when they come back to town. First we went to eat lunch. I don't know why the big people always make us kids get all close for pictures. This is Lucas. He's still a baby--he's 7 months, but he's bigger than me!

Then we went back to our house to play for a while so the daddies could play their card game. Connor played with us when he wasn't watching his shows. He even gave me a little kiss.

Then me and Lucas played. Or he played while I looked pretty. Then I told him about my cool blanket.

Saturday night I went to Miss Karen's house for a while so Mommy and Daddy could go to dinner with their DSN friends. When they came back to get me, we went to Sophie's house for a while. The big people played games and I just played with some of Sophie's toys that she shared. And Alexander let me play with his train that moved all by itself. It went around and around and around and around me, and I kept moving around on the floor so I could watch it. Mommy didn't realize that she forgot to take any pictures at all!! Sorry. I'll have to get some next time.

On Sunday, Mommy and I were working on cleaning up my room, and we were packing up a bunch of stuff that is too small for me. We found some hats in my drawer that we forgot about. I thought they were pretty fun and silly!

Then...I got in trouble, and the fun went bye-bye for a while.


  1. Oh Nebraska, you are just too cute...love the picture with Lucas - looks like she's wanting to tell him he's a little too much into her personal space...

  2. Braska that playgroup looks like so much fun!!


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