Sunday, March 16, 2008

More family weekend

Wow, I've been so busy, and there have been so many people all around me! Usually it's just me and Mommy and Daddy and Belle. But these last days I've had lots of people to play with me. Mommy says they're all going home tomorrow, so I will have to get used to playing by myself again.

On Friday, since we were still in St. Louis, Mommy and me went with Grandma C so the big girls could get their hair fixed. They both had these silly shiny things in their hair, and I sat with Grandma C for a while just seeing how funny she looked with those things.

Then we finally came home, even though we didn't get my new glasses pieces to fix them because it would be a few more days. And we were ready to come home.

Saturday morning I went to playday at the big college, but I'll tell you about that later, maybe tomorrow, because I have other stuff I wanna tell you about my family that came to visit. In the afternoon on Saturday, Grammy and Papa, Auntie Joy, Auntie Julia, and Uncle Ryan came to see us. I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving, so it's been a while. (Except for Grammy...she was here a couple weeks ago.)

Uncle Ryan played ride the horsey with me, and it was alot of fun.

I sat on Grammy's lap for gametime.

On Sunday morning, I tried on a new dress that Auntie Rachel got me a few months ago. It's still a little big, but I liked it. I even had matching shoes with the little pink horses on them.

Sunday afternoon Grammy gave me some bean stuff that she had, and it was pretty good. Belle even wanted to get some.

We played more games in the afternoon, so I sat with Grammy again.

After church at night, we went to Toro with the whole family. I ate some food from Grammy again. But I didn't want the chips in my way, so I moved them.

We had a nice weekend visit with them, and they always help us alot around the house to get things done. They'll go home to Missouri tomorrow morning, but maybe we'll get to see them soon.


  1. Okay, pictures of Braska with food all over her face!? AWESOME!!

    And what a big girl in her pink dress! So cute!

  2. Looks like some great Braska spoilin' time to me!

  3. love that dress Braska - you make it looks so good...and you know if something is in your way, sometimes ya just got to rearrange the Toro folks didn't mind a bit.

  4. Look at that big girl! Standing in your matching pink pony outfit :) You couldn't get any cuter Braska!

    Auntie Rach

  5. Looks like Braska had a lot of fun this weekend!! Such a busy girl!! Always so nice to have family around!

  6. Love the pink dress! And maybe next time you can ask mom or dad to move the chips for you!

  7. I love all of the pictures of Braska, but the one in her Nebraska shirt with Ryan is the best. Maybe we can hook up sometime when you're in St. Louis. The boys have a bunch of bears they want to deliver to sick kids at Children's Hospital.


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