Saturday, March 1, 2008

My week with Grammy

Mommy's starting to feel better, even though she still doesn't look very good. So Grammy went to meet up with Papa and the aunties and uncle today at Aunt Hyla's for the weekend. We had a good times this week learning new things and playing with some fun stuff. Thanks for coming to play with me, Grammy!

Grammy let me play with all kinds of things that I never played with before. Like she showed me how to play peek-a-boo with this box, and I thought it was fun. I even put the box back up on my head by myself.

She also let me play with stuff from the kitchen like pots and spoons and fun things that make noise. I didn't know there was so much stuff in there! She showed me how to put things IN the pot and take them OUT of the pot. And I even did it by myself. Miss Judy will be really happy when we tell her. We'll have to see if I feel like showing her...I just don't know.

Another big thing we did was practice tasting food. Grammy would taste something to show me how, then she would let me lick one. I've been doing that a little for about a week or so, but today I decided to try it myself. Grammy was letting me try chips called Do-ree-toes. I like the same things my Daddy likes, pretty much, so she thought this might be one I would like. And I thought it was yummy! Then she put one down in front of me, and I just picked it up and licked on it. Mommy almost fell out of her chair!

(Mommy note: Just a reminder...Braska has not, until last Saturday, allowed any hard item--chip, cracker, puff, etc--to even come near her mouth. Then last Saturday, she licked a cracker when it was offered several times. She's done so a few times this week as well. But she has NEVER taken food to her mouth purposefully on her own....this is BIG!)

Mommy tried to take some movie of me licking the chip, but it was kind of dark. She said she didn't want to turn the light on in case I changed my mind when I saw what I was doing and stopped.

Today it was playgroup day 3. Daddy took me by himself since Mommy still wasn't all better. We had a fun time. He tried to put me on a thing called a slide, but I did not think it was fun. Then they had this big squishy tube that Daddy put me in. I could kind of stand up and lean at the same time.

Daddy put the camera in with me so you could see what I was seeing. He's silly like that.


  1. OK. I know I might be a nut, but when you said "Holy cow, Braska Larae!" when B picked up the Dorito and licked it, it made me cry! I could hear how excited you were and I know just how come you are. Congratulations, Braska, you're on your way! :)

  2. I have this huge smile on my face right now (and might even be a little teary eyed) because I know how HUGE it is that she tasted a Dorito!

    Yay Braska!!!

  3. Aaaaugh! That is so awsome about licking a chip... it takes so long sometimes to "get it" for kids like ours. It's such a victory when something like this finally happens. I still remember the first time Zach sipped out of a straw... He was three and we were sitting at Chilli's and when it happened I stood up and screamed. Everyone stoped what they were doing and looked over. But I didn't care!

    Congrats to you little Braska. I'm so proud of you!

    And seriously, can you get any cuter?

  4. All I can say is...WOW!

    I am so proud of you, Braska! I know everyone is excited to see how you are growing! Keep it up and Mommy and Pop will have a hard time keeping up

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  6. It is so exciting to watch your kiddo develop and grow...and Braska you are no exception - you do great stuff and before long food will look pretty good to you! It's amazing what kids will do for grandmas too...they have the knack of "tricking" their grandkids into trying things that we, as a parent, have worked so hard in getting them to attempt!

  7. Thanks for letting Grammy come play with you for a few days. Will see you again soon! Love you!!

  8. Go Go Braska.... I knew you would get into food one day... You need to try out Cheese Puffs... They are really messy but Yummy at the same time... Love you big girl...
    RK ~ I can feel your joy from here and it's a great feeling to see her show interest in any foods...
    Carrie :p


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