Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Second Easter Day!

Today is Easter Sunday! We had a really good day, and I'll have to show you more pictures later when we it's not almost bedtime. We have a whole bunch of pictures from today!!! And we had a very fun weekend with Mr. Cory and Miss Mary who came to visit us from Wisconsin. I'll show about our weekend later too.

Right now, look at how big I've grown since last year!
This is me on Easter last year.

This is me today, all smiley this morning. Look, Grandma C, I got to wear it for 2 years!!

Yup, it's the same dress as last year!! I can still fit in it! Mommy thought this was funny, so we wore this one again since it still fit, and we saved the one Auntie Rachel got me for Easter to wear later in the summer when I'm bigger. And the little size tag on this says 3-6 months. Most little girls don't wear that size when they are 16 months old! Mommy thought that was pretty funny too. I'm kind of little, I guess!

This was me and Mommy last Easter.

And this was us this morning, cute as can be. I was trying to tell her she was too close.

And this is what the Easter Bunny brought me when I woke up this morning! I don't really wanna eat the candy, but the little soft bunny is my new friend. In a few days, Mommy will tell more stories on her pages about what this basket means besides candy.

I hope you all had a very happy Easter Day! What was YOUR favorite part of Easter Day?


  1. Looks like you had a great Easter! It's so fun to see how much they grow and change from year to year!

  2. You asked for my favorite things about goes!

    My first favorite: Jesus is alive! We went to church to celebrate!

    Second favorite: Braska's neat pictures on her blog!

    Third favorite: The CARDS that Grammy Jan and your uncle Ryan and auntie Joy and Julia got me.

    Fourth favorite: The Candy in the basket Grammy Jan got for me!

  3. Happy Easter! My favorite part was spending the day with my boys! Love to see how much you have grown - even if the dress still fits!

  4. My favorite part of today was showing off your picture at church! Other than that, it was a normal Sunday.
    Love you!!

  5. You look beautiful little miss. As beautiful today as the day you were born.

  6. Loved the photos. I really enjoy watching You grow Braska. My Tristan wears his clothes for 2 years too. He is 4 and is in 24 months-2. I like this!! Because he gets a chance to wear his clothes out.
    My fav part of Easter was spending time with our family and on the way home Chanelle told me "This was my best Easter ever Mommmy"

  7. Oh yes and I forgot to tell you that I think your going to grow up to be Beautiful like your Mommy!! :)

  8. I love seeing the picture comparisons. You are looking beautiful as ever Miss Braska!!

  9. Aw, you look so pretty in your Easter dress!(both years)lol!

    Glad you had a nice Easter! We had a nice day too!

  10. what pretty ladies heading to church for Easter Sunday! my favorite part of our Sunday was taking baby Lillie to her first church day and then going to mom and dads to veg and rest in the afternoon! :-)

  11. Such a pretty girl Braska!! I think it is so cool you get to wear your dress 2 Easter's in a row!!

  12. What a beautiful dress! How fun that you got to wear it twice!

  13. Love the dress twice as much now! Can I eat your bunny since you don't want it?

  14. Aaaugh! What a cute little EAster baby! Love the dress, especially since it still fits. That's just too cute!
    I'm glad you had a good easter!

  15. Hi-it is my first visit to your blog and it is so cute and pink and very happy. My son has Down Syndrome and he's a liitle squirt too...still wearing 24 mo. apparel instead of 3T. Take care and I will come back again to see more recycled outfits! hahaha

  16. Oh my goodness she is so cute!!! That dress is just adorable, and I just love her glasses, everytime I see a picture of her in them I just want to squeeze her!!


    Pam and Rhett


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