Monday, March 10, 2008

Retropost: Playdate

Thursday night we went to Olive Garden with Mr. Brent and Miss De. I got my own little paper to play with. But Mommy kept trying to take pictures. You can see how happy I was about that.

Friday morning we had a playdate with my new friend Sophie and her mommy, Miss Jen. It was pretty fun to play, and mommies just kept on talking! Check out their matching pretty smiles!

I was acting pretty silly, but I think that's what playing is all about!

Friday night Daddy put me in a box. I kind of liked it and ended up playing in there for a while.


  1. Oh Braska - you look thrilled in that first picture :)

    The playdate looks like lots of fun - being silly is the best thing to do during a playdate!

  2. Braska, Ruby gives me that look, too!

    Such cute pictures, as always!

  3. Wow- I cannot believe how terribly cute you are Braska! I so needed a smile tonight and I got one with you in your box looking all cute-and good job wearing those glasses. Even grown ups have to wear them . . makes the world easier to look at!


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