Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun with stuff

Today was pretty fun for me. We didn't really do much, but I found all kinds of good stuff to get into. Mommy thinks it's funny how I can get all over the living room and stuff now by scooting and rolling and stuff. She is surprised when she's in the kitchen and then I just show up!

First we watched a little HGTV. Mommy always laughs when she notices that I'm watching. It's not as good as Food Network, which is my favorite, but I like to see all the colors and pictures of neat places.

Then Mommy started taking pictures of me being silly. Sometimes she takes too many pictures. You'll have to excuse her.

And then, in the afternoon, after I'd made a mess all over my shirt and was playing in my "naked baby" outfit as Daddy calls, Mommy caught me playing with new things.

(Mommy note: This qualifies as a grandparent video. It's cute and all, but it might be too long for some. But hey, it's got great music, so enjoy that for a little break. )

I found out today that Daddy has lots of fun things to play with on his shelves.

I even found some Magic cards, but then I was sad because it was just an empty box. But then the box ended up being pretty fun too!

Tonight Auntie Rachel came over and played with us. We went to the store and then she stayed to watch a movie and have dinner. It's nice to get to see her more now. She takes very good care of us!


  1. oh Braska, I'm so happy you get to see your family so much more...that is a nice gift mommy and daddy gave to you. and I love your grandma videos...hmmm...wonder what that says about me...

  2. I love your hair. Very cute. And yes I loved the video too. Very nice.

  3. Love the Pigtails! Sophie is jealous...

  4. Braska, I am loving those pony tails!! SO CUTE! Ruby has those same BabyLegs!

    Looks like things are settling down a bit?!

  5. WoW! It looks like your house has been cozy for years (not days!)...I need to take lessons on unpacking from your mommy! Love the hair!

  6. I'm so happy you are having a great time in your new place. It looks like you are staying busy!

  7. Looks like your fine motor skills are developing beautifully :o) Mommy has taught you well; you were even putting things back on the least for a moment. Cute hair, smart girl, nice music. Auntie Rachel is a lucky duck to get to see you. We'll come play for a little bit next week.

  8. Just seeing your blog for the first time. The pictures are great and it takes me back several years to when our daughter was exploring and getting in to everything!


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