Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy and bored

Things at my house are really messy. Mommy is putting all our stuff in boxes, and it is making for a real messy place. I don't hardly have places to play anymore, but she says it will be done soon.

Since everyone has been busy doing things, I've had to find stuff to keep me from being bored. Daddy was packing some books, so I looked through a few of those.

I also thought I'd help by packing up the trash in Daddy's room. Mommy said I should find something else to do.

On Monday morning I found some neat lines on the floor while I was waiting for Miss Judy to come.

Miss Judy said this is the last time she would see me. I guess she's not coming with us to St. Charles. She showed me some pretty fun bubbles that come out of a little stick. I thought it was really neat! I even tried to do it myself.

Here's a little movie of me playing with the bubbles.

After Miss Judy left, Miss Andrea came over with Josiah, Ty, and Levi. She helped Mommy and played with me. Josiah showed me how some toys worked too.

On Tuesday, we went to St. Charles. Zoey went with us to keep me company. She's good at showing me books and getting me toys that I like while we're driving. And she makes me keep my glasses on too.

We went to our new house, but it's not a house that's just ours. It has a bunch of other people in a big house. Mommy called it an apartment. We're only going to be living there until we can find another regular house. This is the living room and the playroom and the office all in one. It didn't seem big enough to me, but Mommy says we'll make it work.

We picked up Grammy in St. Charles and brought her back with us to help get packed and ready. She and Mommy worked all day yesterday on things, mostly putting stuff in boxes again. I found one of the boxes and got inside. I got tired of waiting for someone to play with me so I just layed down because I was bored. Soon I hope we can play more again.

And last night I decided I could try to help Belle eat her food. I took it out of her bowl and threw it, then she went to find the food and ate it. It was a pretty fun game for us since everyone else was busy.

Only two more days till we have to get this house all empty, so I better let Mommy go back to packing. Have a good weekend!


  1. wow Braska - I am so glad you are finding so many thing to keep yourself busy while Mommy is working - trash, shadows, boxes, dogfood...your are a gal with imagination! :-)

  2. Wow, she's just gone and turned into a toddler, hasn't she? Abby's not technically toddling, but she's into every.last.thing like that.

    Pack the crib last, so you have someplace to contain her!

    p.s. I saw some babylegs at target the other day -- they've hit the big time. You trendsetter!

  3. We're rooting for all of you out here in Maryland!!!! Can't wait for this big change to be chunged. Or something! :)

    You're doing great, BraskA!

  4. Fun stuff. You are pretty good at occupying yourself while grammy and mom work.

  5. Braska-

    You have done such a great job finding new and fun things to do. You are such a big girl now that you can play by yourself a bit, though I know it can get lonely. I will pray that your trip goes well, and that you don't accidentally get packed up! Be careful where you nap!!

  6. hey braska. now we will only be about 3 hours away from each other! we will have to get together sometime!!!!

  7. I guess there is no need to pack your toys - all you need are empty boxes and shadows and dog food! Justin loved bubbles too - I will have to show him your video tomorrow!

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  9. I'm looking forward to visiting you a little more often, girl!
    I'm all about picture-captioning lately; check it out!

  10. Wow Braska, what a busy week for you! I'm sure your move will be smooth.

  11. I'm going to miss watching you in church, Miss Braska. I'll keep up with you by reading your blog - you are such a sweetie!

  12. WTG Braska in finding things to do while mommy and daddy unpack!


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