Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy AND Daddy Day

Today is Mother's Day, so I gave Mommy a big hug this morning extra special. Happy Mothers Day to the grandmas and all too!

It's also Daddy's birthday, so it was his special day too. I took a nap on him today at lunch.

After church we went to lunch with Mr. Dan, Miss Jennifer, Olivia, and Hunter. Then I spent the day playing while Mommy packed and worked on the house, and Daddy painted a little and played on his computer and watched movies. We have alot to do, so I better go help Mommy some more.


  1. Happy Mommy and Daddy day to your parents. You look so sweet snuggled with your daddy.

  2. Wow what a special day!!

    Looks like it tuckered you out!!

    What a sweetheart.


    Pam and Rhett

  3. Glad it was a good one for you, Braska!!

  4. Great hangin' with you, Braska!
    Love, Livy


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