Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yay for short drive!

Now that we are in St. Charles, we've been doing regular stuff again. I'm hanging out with Daddy some when he comes home for lunch and after work.

Monday we went to Uncle Ethon and Miss Cheryl's house. It's nice to only have to drive a little bit to see Grandma and Grandpa and the uncles. We even get to go back home the same day! I wasn't so sure about everyone, so I sat with Mommy most of the time. I did play on the floor some, and I liked watching when they were playing games on the TV after dinner.

Today, we went to see Dr. G at the DS Center. She's always so nice. We got to see Miss Alison too, and she always helps us with stuff to make sure we're all taken care of with my other doctors. It was so neat to go to the appointment and be home by lunch time!

First I read my book a little while we waited just a minute for Dr. G. They took me to the silly scale too, and I'm 18 lbs 7 oz now.

Dr. G looked me over and said I was doing really good. She said my size is just right, so I don't have to worry about getting big all fast, just slow like I have been doing. She's happy that I haven't been sick at all, because most kids don't get to be well all the time.

Tonight I watched some Baby Einstein, the one with the arms and legs and nose and eyes and stuff. I like this one alot! Mommy put my hair up kind of funny, too. I think it looked silly.

See my toys on the floor? I have a new one that's my favorite. It's called paper plates. I found them on Mommy's shelves, and now I just love playing with them. They're all over the living room now!


  1. I'm so glad you are adjusting so well to your new place, Braska! Nice to be able to go important places and be back home THE SAME DAY!

  2. Braska, it's so great that you don't have such a long drive anymore and that you are doing ok with your new home!

  3. I think your new hairstyle is just perfect. And really, paper plates are a fun toy.

  4. Braska, I think that your family's move to the new town closer to your extended family is WONDERFUL.

    My mommy thinks often that it would be SO MUCH nicer to be around extended family instead of hours away. Good for you guys!

    And nice job on your slow weight gain and good health. Your parents do an amazing job keeping you healthy.

  5. I'm so glad the doc said you were just right. You and mommy both knew that already :o) It's nice you can visit with family now without having to pack a suitcase. I like your new hairstyle and playtoys, too. Both are very practical and easy to care for. Love you, sweetie peach!

  6. I like your new place, it looks very homey! It sounds like you are getting settled right in! I'm glad the doctor said your were the perfect size, I agree, "you are just right for you!" Pooh always said that to Piglet, and I like it:-) We miss you! Maddy asked if you could come play the other day. Evidently, Gracie wouldn't play tea party and she knows how nicely you always played with her. The best tea party guest she has had I think, after all she likes to serve donuts with her tea and gracie always wants a hot dog, but you were always so sweet to accept her donuts:-) We'll have to come play some time at your new house or maybe when you come back for your garage sale you can play at our house. That would be fun! Talk to you soon.


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