Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new friend Jack

Today I met a new friend that lives really close to our new place. He is "extra" cool just like me. I wanted to talk to him about who he likes for people who teach him stuff like crawling and playing. It's always good to get the inside tip, you know. His mommy, Miss Julie, and my mommy both talked about alot of stuff, so I think we'll be able to play together soon. He's good at eating and crawling, so Mommy says I need to have him teach me some things about that.

(ETA: Don't miss Jack's blog!!)

This is how it went for us when Mommy sat us next to each other.

Jack: Ummmm, there's someone new next to me.
Braska: Ummmm, there's someone new next to me.

Jack: Hey, she's kind of cute. I wish she'd look at me.
Braska: Uh oh, I think he's looking at me. Is he looking at me?

Jack: Oh. Maybe she's gonna look over. Should I say hi?
Braska: Hey, is he still looking my way? Should I say hi?

Jack: Maybe she's not gonna say hi. What's she smiling at?
Braska: He's cute? Maybe I'll look. Just a quick look. Because I like cute boys!

Jack: Oh no. She's looking at me. What do I do now?
Braska: Hey! He is cute! How fun is that?! Hi Jack!

We finally got to chatting a bit. He is a pretty smart guy! He's about 3 weeks older than me, so I bet he knows more stuff for sure. I think we're gonna be buddies! (Pssst...Sophie, come be our buddy too!)


  1. Look at you two! Braska I'm so proud of you already making friends. And how could he not love you with those cute pigtails?!

  2. Wow -- you are good at making new friends Braska! It's okay to be a little shy with the boys at first - I'm sure daddy is especially okay with that. =) BTW -- LOVE the new piggy tail look! Your mom sure is good with all the details!

  3. Its so nice to have a friend her age. Mayson has a few like that too and its the best!!

  4. oh i forgot to say i love the piggies!!!!

  5. Hey! I'm FAMOUS! It was so hard to not pull those cute chunks of hair and those glass things on your face! But maybe I'll do that next time :). I think maybe I like girls!

  6. Ok Braska - I would sure get to know that Jack better, he's quite a cute one and the two of you make a great pair!

  7. I love the piggy tails! CUTE, CUTE!!!

  8. How cute!!! Glad you found a great - and older friend to show you the way!

  9. The beginning stages of a great friendship!

    Braska is looking so adorably grown up in her high chair, with her pigtails & boyfriend! I mean, boy. friend. Two words! No sense rushing things!

    RK, as always, your commentary is clever and enjoyable!

  10. WOW-such the socialite . . and already knowing how to play hard to get. Jack has a lot of work to do to get you on his side. Be careful though if he crawls and does other stuff. You KNOW how boys can be.

    Glad to see you found a cutie pie to be friends with.

  11. That is the funniest thing I have seen! So cute! I LOVE the pig tails!! Adorable!! We miss you!!

  12. Aw! Looks like you made a great friend there! So cute! LOVE your pigtails!!!!

  13. Oh what a sweet little boy (thanks for the link to their blog) and let me just say that Miss Braska is the scene stealer though.... geez I wish I could steal a hug from her.

  14. I loved all your captions on these photos! How neat that you got to have a play date with a new friend already! Adorable pictures!


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