Tuesday, May 20, 2008

18 months

Tomorrow I'll be 18 months old. I think that sounds pretty grown up. Since I'm having that birthday, I went to see Dr. Y last week on Thursday so he could see how good I'm doing. We won't get to see him anymore since we're moving to St. Charles. That's kind of sad, because he's a very good doctor for me.

I got on the silly scale again. It said I weighed 18 lbs and 1 oz. 18 pounds and 18 months!

Dr. Y said I really need to try to gain some more, but I think I've got enough on me for now. Otherwise, he said I was doing really good. Miss Courtney gave Mommy a package of all my papers from there, so we can take them to our new doctor.

On Saturday, lots of people came over to help us load up a big truck. It was like people all over and they kept carrying our stuff around. I just stayed out of the way and played by myself. I thought they might accidentally put me on the truck too! Mommy even had to go get another truck so they could load it too!

On Sunday, Daddy and I went to St. Charles earlier than Mommy and Grammy. We went to find our new apartment. I had to show Daddy where it was, because he hadn't ever been there and I had been. When we got there, we had to wait a while for Mommy and Grammy to get there with the trucks, so we played on the floor. My hair got all fuzzy.

We got all our stuff moved into the apartment, and Mommy tried to get a few things put away but we were all tired. Then Monday morning Mommy and I went to Children's to hang out with Sophie and Miss Jen so that they wouldn't be too scared about Sophie's surgery on her eyes. She did really good and was brave like a big girl. There's a story about it on her blog and there's even pictures of me in there! Go check it out!

We came back to Champaign with Sophie and Miss Jen and stayed at their house last night since our house is empty. Today we did lots of errands and went to Toro. I got to play with Miss Martha, and then tonight, while Mommy went to dinner with her friends, I went to Miss Martha's house to play. We had a good time reading books, and I napped on her for a while too. Now it's time for bed. Tomorrow, we will go back to St. Charles to get things all unpacked. Someday, maybe we won't have boxes all over. Mommy says maybe not. I'm just tired of all this driving, and I'm ready to be at our new home.


  1. Happy year and a half, Braska! And welcome to your new home!

    Be good for mommy while she gets some of those boxes out of the way! :)

  2. Wow, you got invited to Miss Martha's house, that is so exciting! I bet they have the best food every there!

  3. Happy 18 months, Braska! I love your fuzzy hair!

  4. 18 lbs is great! Yay Braska!!

    I'm glad you are in your new house - now tell mommy and daddy to get some rest!

  5. Happy 18 months!! You are such a big girl, and boy have you grown! Do you know that you are bigger than Gracie was at 18mo., so I have to say I think that is plenty big for a cutie like you. I am so glad that you are starting to get things settled in your new home. Will you tell your mommy Hi for me and let me know when we can come visit? That would be great! Talk to you soon.

  6. wow i think 18 lbs is awesome!! mayson is over 2 and only 19 lbs and our doc doesnt push gaining. i think braska is doing great!!!
    i hope you get settled in your new home soon!!!

  7. I just found your blog--Braska is a total cutie-pie!

  8. Oh happy half birthday! You are just such a peach in that last photo with your hair standing up.

    Glad to hear mommy and daddy are surviving the move. Keep them in line :)


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