Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friends to play with

Last week on Friday and Saturday, my friend Olivia came to play with me for all day both days! Her mommy and daddy and baby brother Hunter were moving to a new house, so she came over to our house while they worked. It was fun to have someone around to play with. We thought it would be fun to take a bath and splash alot, so that's what we did. Olivia can splash better then me, but I got her good a couple of times.

Then we got out and dried off in our big towels.

After our bath, we watched Baby Signing Time together. We both have poky dot shirts on too!

On Monday we were in St. Charles and got to have lunch with Auntie Rachel. She liked my Cardinals outfit, but she should...she gave it to me!

When we got back Monday night, Miss Jen came over with Sophie and Alexander. She got a new computer that Daddy was helping her with. We played while they worked. I'm gonna miss my friend Sophie alot.


  1. You might be cutting teeth little girl. You are really chewing on that finger.

  2. We have a similar picture of you and Vryna back in Texas in 1974. Shall we post it? I guess not. We'll keep it for future blackmailing :o)

  3. Sorry, Braska, I forgot whose site I was commenting on. I'll never blackmail you :o) Love you!!

  4. I'm cracking up at your grammy Braska! Too funny :)

    You have some fun friends!!

  5. Looks like you had a great time with friends!

  6. Splashing and wearing Cardinal stuff! Two great American pastimes! Way to go, Braska!


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