Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday playdate with Jackson!

Today is Jackson's birthday! He's 2! We went to the mall with our mommies to get some lunch and play in the fun place. I feel so special that he let me hang out with him on his special day!

We used my new stroller that we got for me and Kinlee to use when she gets here. It was fun to ride together, and Jack got to ride in front since he's bigger and 2 and everything.

We got some lunch, or at least the mommies got lunch, and we tried to sneak it when they weren't looking. Jack had a hot dog for lunch, but I didn't want anything except some drinks of Mommy's.

Then we went over to the play area and had some real fun! There was only a couple of kids so we had plenty of room to play.

We danced a little bit to the music on at the mall. And we both showed off how we can do TOUCHDOWN! We were just barely tall enough to see each other over the big log thing.

I found out you can sit in there and the other kids couldn't see me. So I took a rest for a while.

Then we went over and found a new flippy toy on the side. First Jack showed me how to do it. Then I tried too.

Jack kept looking at me funny because I wanted to sit really close to him. Then I tried to show him nice by touching his cute hair. I even tried to give him a kiss, but he didn't like that.

Guess I'll have to work on him some more. He's coming over Wednesday, so we'll play some more then. Happy Birthday, Jackson!!


  1. Oh Braska, so many great photos in this one....I love how you two were scoping out the moms' plates. And that looks like a super cool place to play!

  2. Fun times. It won't be long and Jackson will want to kiss and you won't.

  3. It looks like you had a great time with Jackson! Isn't the play area at the mall fun?

  4. aawww... you two look so cute together!! I'm so glad you had such a fun time playing with your friend! I love the pictures your mommy took :)

  5. She's getting to be so big. Almost 2! ---Jen

  6. What a wonderful friend to have, Jack is a cutie just like you Miss Braska!


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