Monday, October 6, 2008

Mommy life: Isaac's Birthday

Tomorrow a sweet boy, Baby Isaac, will be born, and his very faithful parents will be happy and yet sad as they may not have long to cuddle him and enjoy his warmth. Isaac's story is on his family's blog. And his mommy has written amazing letters to her boy that she has shared at Dear Isaac.

There's more about this on our other blog, Just RK, about why this particular story has impacted me. Please be praying with me for them throughout the next 24 hours especially.

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  1. Thanks RK. This story touched me so much and I knew that you have an awesome opportunity to share it. I know there are many people each week that find your blog and others after having a prenatel diagnosis and it is so important to see that there is hope. I don't know if you read many of the comments on the blog or not, but it was comment after comment of people who have wonderful children with different prenatel diagnosis that could have been aborted and now that the children are here the parents think, "wow, think what I would have missed if I had taken the "suggestions" of others and terminated this pregnancy." I hope that this will give hope to any of your readers that have just received that diagnosis and don't know what to do.
    Praying for baby Isaac.


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