Friday, October 31, 2008

Grandma C's Halloween Day

In our house, Halloween isn't the most important part of this day. It's my Grandma C's birthday!! Happy Birthday, Grandma! Sorry I can't give you kisses today, but when you get back from Miss Karen's, I will. Have a good time!

Here's Grandma C with me and Daddy last week in my duckie outfit.

And here's last year when I was a little Allosaurus.

I also had some other outfits for Halloween last year that were more comfortable.

If you wanna see more from last year, you can go here and here. Maybe there will be some more pictures from today's visit when we're all done, too.


  1. Doncha just love dressing the little ones for Halloween? So cute! ---Jen

  2. awwww so cute!!!!!! Happy Halloween sweety girl!

  3. your hair has grown so much this past year little one...give Lillie some lessons, ok? and I love your halloween/grandma C birthday outfits.

  4. The cutest duckie I EVER saw:)

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Thanks little Missy. I can't wait for your kisses. You give the best ones.

  6. These photos are so cute! I love the duck outfit.

  7. omg so cute RK. Do you think our kids enjoy this? lol!

  8. Braska, you're a super cute chick! Hope to meet you someday!

  9. Love that costume! I was out of town and hubby forgot to take pictures!


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