Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lunch with Sophie

Yesterday Mommy and me went to Children's Hospital to see my buddy Sophie. She came down to have some appointments with some of our doctors. (It's pretty fun that we have some of the same ones!)

Guess what floor we parked on this time?! We've never been this high before!

We had some lunch after she got done with having her ears checked and before her seeing our eye doctor. Miss Jen went to get some lunch and I helped Sophie get her snacks. She tried to give me one, but I just let her have them all.

After lunch, my second belly button started to leak and milk was all over me. Since we were right there where my belly doctor is, we went to see them. The nice nurse looked at me and helped us clean up. We found out that my button isn't quite working right and leaking a little, so I'm gonna get a new one. They didn't have one there, so we had to order it. We hope it's coming tomorrow. But isn't it nice that we were right there in the big hospital with them when that happened??

While Sophie was getting her eyes checked, I took a nap.

It was so good to get to see Miss Jen and Sophie. I miss playing with them all the time.


  1. We miss playing with you guys too. Thanks for coming to keep us company! ---Jen

  2. good timing on the belly button thing little miss...glad the drs can get what you need so quickly!

  3. Did you get belly juice on your mom? That would have been cool.

  4. She is the cutest thing ever!


  5. Tell daddy you try to save your belly juice for him! :) Auntie V

  6. That is so awesome that you girls got to hang out. Lucky, lucky!


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