Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Retropost:Chilly but swimming!

Last Wednesday, me and Mommy went with Miss Melanie and Ben to see Ben's grandma and grandpa, Miss Sue and Mr. Gary. They are Miss Melanie's mommy and daddy. They were so happy to see me, which was really nice. Miss Melanie and Mommy went to college together a very long time ago, and they used to go visit Miss Sue and Mr. Gary back then too. It's always fun at their house, Mommy says.

But now they have a neato pool IN their house! So Ben and I got to swim even though it was cold outside! Can you believe that?

It was SO much fun. I floated all around the pool by myself, and I kicked and splashed. I didn't want to get out at all! Ben helped me move around by making splashy waves.

The big people watched us but they let us kids have the whole big pool!

It was so nice to get to see Mr. Gary and Miss Sue. I think maybe we'll go visit again soon. It's fun to swim there! And they have good toys and stuff too. Ben showed me how to color and all kinds of things.

Thanks for letting us visit!! Hope we can come back soon!


  1. I am so envious of that pool Braska! Let's go in together and get one of our own.....where to put it so we both could use it would be the problem. :o)

  2. Holy moly! How fun would it be to have a pool in your house. Looks like tons of fun!

  3. hey Braska;
    Thanks for going to visit my me-ma and pa-pa with me. I had such a great time swimming with you. My me-ma and pa-pa really loved it to and they want you to come back VERY soon. (and your mommy too!) Thanks for being my new friend.
    Love Benjamin


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