Monday, October 13, 2008

Me and the S girls

Saturday night our friends Mr. Jason and Miss Sarah came over to our house. They brought some neat stuff for Pepino and we all went to dinner. After dinner, we came back to play for a little bit. Amber is the big girl of the bunch, and she showed me some fun things.

Then we all played with my fun toy. Katelyn found a cool new way to make it work even better by using a smaller ball. She didn't even have to push the button to get it to go through. Isn't she smart??

When they went home, we went downstairs and watched some TV, and I got sleepy. I just layed over on Daddy and took a nap. It was a very busy day, but lots of fun.


  1. I could totally just eat her up in that last picture with Daddy.!!!!


  2. THANK YOU FOR THE KISS BRASKA! You're awesome :-)


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