Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun day at school!

Mommy told you that she took me to school yesterday. But I wanted to show you a few more things. It was so fun!! I wish I could take pictures of my class, but they don't like us to do that. That's sad, I think, but it's ok.

My teacher is Miss A, and she is really nice. We played with music and sang songs in the circle. I even had my own chair! I sat next to my new friend Z. She's a little bit older, but she's still 2. We went to the romper room, that's great big room where they have great big toys and lots of room to run and climb and play. Miss A told Mommy all about how I tried to get up on the big stuff, and how the teachers helped me walk on the balance beam since I was trying to do it.

We made pictures, and I brought mine home to show Belle. Miss A helped, but I did some of it too.

I told Mommy all about school on the way home. I just kept talking and laughing all the way in the car, but I don't think she always knew what I was saying. I was just so excited! I wanna go back again, but Mommy says I only get to go one time each week for now. When I turn 3, I'll get to go more. I can't wait!

I had my milk for lunch and then I was tired quick. School is fun but it wore me out!


  1. This is Joyce. I love your new design. It seems Braska is just loving school. That is wonderful. I'm going to check out your other blog now. I forgot that you were expecting.

  2. I smiled through this entire post. I'm so glad you like school Braska! I cant wait to see what you do next week.

  3. glad she liked school. mayson turns 3 in 5 weeks then she can go to school. I am not sure i am ready to put her in there yet! I really have mixed feelings... such a hard thing to do for me, and i dont know why!!!!

  4. Cute new blog design!

    That's great that Braska is having fun! Eliana seems to be at a clingy stage. I'm not sure she could go and have fun. It sounds like a neat program. I hope you'll both enjoy the time!

    This isn't something we'll have to decide one until Eliana turns 3. I'm not ready for it yet, though reading your post is encouraging.



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