Monday, January 19, 2009

Walking, babies, and lookin' good!

I've been doing more practice with my walker. I like it alot! I even go and tell Mommy that I want to take walks. I tell her "Wa-wa-walk!" But sometimes my PT makes me do it more than I want. Mommy says it's her job and it helps me, but I give her sassy looks anyway. This was from when she came on Thursday.

Here's a movie of me practicing with Daddy. It's a little dark because it was close to bedtime.

I still don't like to sit in my Elmo chair alot, but I do like it to be right next to me. Mommy thinks I'm silly. I just like to sit by him while I'm watching my shows.

Saturday morning we had to get ready for going out and I had a quick bath. I found a little mirror in the tub that I never noticed before. Maybe Mommy will get me a bigger one.

We got dressed and ready. I got to wear a new jacket that my friend Larkin passed on to me after Sophie was too big for it. Thanks Larkin and Sophie!

We went to Auntie Janice's baby shower, or I guess it was really for Baby Xander who will be here soon, next month right after Kinlee's coming. Xander is so lucky! He got a whole bunch of cool stuff!
Shay even got neat presents, too. She's gonna be a big sister like me. Miss Cheryl helped her with her things. Her favorite was an Ariel doll. She LOVES Ariel!

I didn't get a nap before, so I fell asleep and took a long nap while everyone was eating and playing games. It was comfy!

On Sunday, I got to wear a dress that I got last year. I finally got big enough for it! It's pink and soft with little sparkly snowflakes. It even matched my BabyLegs, and they kept me toasty warm for church.


  1. You sure are lookin good. Great job walking!

  2. OH MY Gosh you are walking so good Braska! You will be walking on your own in no time!

    I also LOVE your pink dress. You looked absolutely beautiful in that color!

  3. What a face! She is a doll baby! She is going to be walking with out that soon! So Cute!!

  4. I just can't get over your cuteness Braska!!!

  5. What can I say, Braska? YOU ARE TERRIFIC! Way to go, Mom and Dad, too!

  6. Wow Braska! You are looking great! Keep up the hard work :)

  7. Braska, with all that exercise, you're going to be walking super before long. I'm glad you like your friend Elmo. I think he likes to watch you play!
    Love you!! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  8. I found your blog through Henry's mommy. Your daughter is adorable!!! What a cutie. I have an 18 month old daughter with a little something extra as well. I will be checking back in if you are okay with that. I love her name, and the explanation of how you thought of it.


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