Monday, January 5, 2009

Pre-preschool dropoff:Day 1

Today Braska went to "school" for the first time. It's called Kiddin' Around and it's all 2-year-olds with varying developmental delays or need for early intervention. I call it pre-preschool since it's getting ready for the next level that she starts when she turns 3. I dropped her off about an hour ago. She seemed excited, and she didn't seem to be the least bit worried about where I was or was going, so I stayed for a few minutes while the other kids arrived and then left. Seemed a little weird, but I'm sure she'll love it. It's one morning a week for 2 hours, so that's not bad.

This was my attempt at a picture of her first school day outfit. Forgot to turn off Sesame Street though. Check out that snazzy shirt, Amy/Jen! :o)

(Just for an interesting perspective on this kid's weird sizing issues... She's 25 months old. That's a 9 month shirt, 24 month "skinny" jeans with the adjustable waist cinched to the max, and size 3 shoes that are still PLENTY big. Oh, and underneath is a 9 month onesie. She could wear 9-12 month jeans since they fit around her waist but they're too short. These are a little long still, but better than short in the winter. Eventually she'll even out...maybe.)

When she got to her room, we were the first ones there. She liked the little chairs and one of the aides brought her a toy. Anything that she can make noise with is a winner. She kept hitting the orange key...that's my color coordinated girl!

I'll go get her in another hour. I'm sure she'll be happy to tell you all about it soon. We missed Jack, since he didn't get to go today. She'll love it even more when he's there too, I'm sure.


  1. Pre-School? HOW COOL! And I love, *love*, LOVE that outfit! Those are rockin' jeans and what a way cool shirt! I'm lovin' that the jeans are 'skinny' and a little long and even a little faded in the middle! =) Braska - you are one stylish chic ... when did you get to be such a big girl?!

  2. Big girl! She looks very cute. (I do love a girl dressed in something besides pink.)

    Man, a whole two hours! I hope you did something fun.

    We have similar sizing issues. I think I finally pulled the 0-6 month onesies out of the rotation last month. Weird.

  3. Glad the shirt worked. I thought it might. She looks beautiful as usual. How exciting for you guys to start pre-preschool!

  4. Alyssa is sized weird too! She wears 24 month pants, 3T tops and still has room to go in her size 6 shoes. She's 4! She's got short stubby little legs and arms but a very long torso. Before she was born she was dx'd with dwarfism because of her unique proportions ...they didn't catch the DS until after she was born. They removed their orignal dx! Somedays I wonder! Nevertheless, she's just perfect! Thinking back to when Nathan was a little squirt (he also has DS) he was still in a 12m at 36 months.

  5. Kathy ... Alyssa's MomJanuary 5, 2009 at 9:36 PM

    I didn't mean "wierd" in a bad way! I'm so sorry! Braska is beautifully proportioned! I just reread my post and thought "what an awful thing to say!" Please accept my apology!

  6. Wow. I can't wait for G to go to her EI program preschool. I bet it was fun!

  7. Brianna just started school last Wed (turned 3 last Sat) and she did "ok" :) By the end she was fine anyway... She's going 2 mornings for 3 1/2 hours and she already goes 2 mornings at the church for 4 hours to a Mom's Morning Out. This coming week is her first four-day week. Yikes! She has sizing all over too- she JUST went up to a size 4 shoe (still a bit big tho) and wears sz 18 months pants (on the tightest adjustable button) and 24 months shirts. She's also only 21 lbs at 3 yrs old tho... Braska is adorable, I think clothes sizes are all pretty strange :)


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