Saturday, January 3, 2009

Old toys, new fun

Last night I played for a while with one of my old toys that we're getting ready for Kinlee to have. I forgot how much fun it is, and now that I can sit up and reach everything, it's like it's different.

We gave most of my baby toys away since we didn't know Kinlee was going to come, but this one we kept since it was my favorite. Remember how I used to play with it??
(05/23/2007--6 months old)


  1. A whole new perspective!! (And your dad is too silly ;) )

  2. Wow! Look how big she has gotten! She is soo cute!

    Thank you for the encouragment about glasses for Eliana. I totally agree with you - that when they really need them, they do much better at wearing them. I have found that to be true with my boys as well.

    When I was thinking about glasses, Braska was a real encouragment to me. Besides looking so incredibly cute in her glasses, I knew that she had adjusted well to wearing them and that gives me hope for Eliana.

    I'm so glad you share your days. I learn a lot from you.



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