Thursday, January 15, 2009

School and more

Monday I went to school again.  This time Jack was there!!  We had a good time, especially in the romper room again.  That's my favorite part, for sure.  Mommy took a picture when she and Jack's mommy came to get us.  We were a little tired by this time.

Tuesday I played with my toys, but Mommy thought it was funny that I used them a little bit different than they're supposed to be used.  You mean that's not a chair??

I thought the chair would be a good table, and my computer made a nice chair!!

On Wednesday, we had to stay home and a bunch of guys came to work on stuff at the house.  Jack and Miss Julie came by to visit since we couldn't leave.  It was fun showing Jack my room and playing in there.  I even left the door open most of the time.  Mommy says that's the rule when boys are in my room.  We shut it once and the mommies came right away.  Click on the picture to see all the good shots from the day!

When Daddy came home from work for lunch yesterday, I was sitting in the big chair.  It always makes my hair look so silly!


  1. what a fun friend to play with Braska - I'm glad you guys are liking school. And Jack looks like a computer expert too

  2. It looks like a very busy and fun day at your school Braska!

  3. Jack wants to say "Thanks!" for letting him play on your computer since his mommy never lets him play on hers! He liked your music too!

  4. Love that static electricity! Thanks for the reports and all the nice pictures.

  5. Looks like you're having lots of fun, Braska!

    Ruby's hair gets that same way lately. The kids think it's so funny!

  6. You were having so much fun! I can tell you would rather look at Elmo's face than sit in his lap :o)

  7. Too cute. Love the pic of her sitting on the computer. lol I'm glad she has a good friend to play with at home and school.


  8. Oh my, you are going to school... what a big girl you are. And we just love the way your mom's humor comes out in the post (hair standing on end in the chair). Too cute Miss B!

  9. ILOVE that picture of braska and jack!! toooooo cute!!!


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