Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stylin' Time

I have been a little busy this week, so I've got several things to tell you about.  But while I'm working on those, I'll show you some cute outfits I got to wear for the first time this week.

For church on Sunday, I had a little set with a shirt and skirt and even tights that matched.  Pooh was even on the skirt!

Then Sunday afternoon I tried a new sweater that Auntie Rachel got for me at our favorite store.  It's a really pretty green.

  More stories to come soon!  I went to school again this week!!


  1. You are just too cute in your new clothes!

  2. Well, Miss Braska, you may be tiny but you sure are stylin'. :)

  3. You're stylin', Braska.
    Quick questions for you. We found out today that I need glasses. How long have you been wearing yours? What kind do you have? Is your mommy happy with them staying on? I only just turned one, so Mommy thinks I must need the wrap-around ones. Any thoughts?
    Please ask your mommy to email my mommy at teamdickens at yahoo dot com.
    Thanks so much!
    Love, Micah

  4. Green is your color B! :) Polo Pony looks great on you as usual - just wait til we get to put both you AND Kinlee in ponie clothes!

    Love Auntie Rach

  5. Your green cardigan is unbelievably cute! As Gracie would say, "it's my favorite"!

  6. She is the perfect little fashion model!

  7. Just came across your blog. You are a cutie!!

  8. Those are two very cute new outfits! You are just too cute!


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