Thursday, January 1, 2009

Strong AND cute!

Since I'm finally feeling better from my coughing and icky nose, I've been busy with playing and practicing my exercises again. I've been going all over the house leaving messes for Mommy to find, so now she's closing all the doors except for my room so I can go in there and play with my toys. It's fun to play in my room! I have different toys in there than in the play corner in the living room, so I'm finding new things to do.

Miss C came over on Tuesday to help me with my eating. She keeps track of my calories and makes sure I'm getting enough good stuff to keep me growing. She brought me a cookie and I smashed it up. But then guess what? I grabbed the little bits and put it in my mouth. Mommy and Miss C were surprised! I only did it once, though. That's just the way I do things, you know!

When Daddy came home for lunch, we played and I showed him how good I can hang on. Check out how high I am! I was sitting and he just kept going with his hands so I held on tight. It was fun! Mommy and Daddy think it's funny when they remember that one of the doctors told them when I was a tiny baby in the hospital that kids with my *extra* goodness "don't have a grip." Ha!

We took Belle to see Uncle Jody on Wednesday so she could get all her shots and stuff. He's a doctor for animals, and since we live close now and Belle is back with us, he can take care of her really good. Belle really hates to go to her doctors, but she wasn't quite as scared this time even though she still wasn't happy. Maybe it's because she knew the doc! Now we just have to go get her silly long hair cut pretty this week.

We went and saw Daddy at lunch, and we got to eat with Auntie Skye too. I wore one of my outfits that Daddy likes alot. It's almost too small in the shirt parts. Mommy says it's about time since they still say 6 months on the tag!


  1. Look at you standing so strong you big girl!

  2. Braska you ARE so cute and strong! Too funny, hanging on like that.

    The blog looks great!!

  3. Braska you are getting SO big and SO strong! I wish you still lived close by so we could hang out and you could play with us sometime! I really like your little outfit too, sorry that it's getting too small, but WAY COOL that you're growing out of it!

  4. Look at you hanging on like a little monkey! You are so strong!

  5. I really like your mommy's creativity with the background and border. She got that from your papa.
    You can sure hang on. Your daddy has strong thumbs!
    I'm sure Belle felt more comfortable having you along at the doc's...
    Love you!!


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