Friday, April 15, 2011

Good morning fun

Now THIS is the way to start the day! Cuddling in the covers of Mommy’s big bed.

If Mommy sleeps longer than we want and doesn’t come get us on time, we just get up and go in her room and tell her to “Wake Up!”  Then she puts us up on the bed and we all play silly cuddle games and KiKi likes to play flopsy, when she climbs up on the pillows and falls on her back.  I think it is SO funny!

Big bed time is the BEST!  We’re always a little grouchy when Mommy makes us get up and get dressed for school.  But when Daddy gets home after work, we get to go play again in the big bed with him! We hide in the covers and climb on Daddy after he gets out of his nice working clothes and gets in his comfy clothes.

It’s time to get ready for school now. Everybody have fun today!


  1. I love this picture and those girls! So precious!

  2. Darling! I agree - nothing like morning cuddles and hanging out in bed. Makes me thankful (yet again) that I'm not working anymore

  3. Great photo! And Matthew loves our bed too. He comes to me and says "want up". He loves wrestling with Bill on the bed and hiding under the covers playing peek-a-boo with Elizabeth. So fun to watch (as I get tackled).


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