Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring means go!

Mommy and I just realized yesterday that it has been a LONG time since I put up stories! Sorry! I have been super busy with school and going here, there, and everywhere. Mommy and Daddy both have new jobs and we've had some fun projects to do so we haven't been on the computer very much. (There is some more about their stuff on Mommy's page.)

The best thing about spring is that we also get to play outside alot. And we have been doing just that! I have so many pictures to show you, but I have to get Mommy to sit down long enough to help me. Maybe I can get her to be still for a few minutes this weekend.

Until then, here's my favorite place to be... on a SWIIIING!

That's Grandma C and Shay behind me... I have lots more pictures from this trip to the park. More Soon!!


  1. Oh, Ms. B...soooo precious!! More swing, more swing! :)

  2. That was so much fun. Woo Hoo. Let's do it again.


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