Sunday, April 10, 2011

Plant for faces?

Today I played at Grandma C’s house with my cousins and my sister. Daddy took us down there while Mommy was working on getting the house cleaned up. It was lots and lots of fun.  We played outside for almost all day.

There was one part that was a little bit not as much fun.  Daddy called it a “face plant.” 

I don’t know how falling out of the back door on the hard back yard floor makes me have a plant on my face. 

I got a big bump on my head, and I hurt my nose, too.  Daddy put really cold stuff on my head for a while and that helped some.  He gave me medicine, too.

Oh, and my purple glasses don’t let me see very good anymore either.  They are all scratchy on the part I look through, and on the purple part, too.

I’m ok, though.  Mommy calls me a “tough cookie.”  Daddy let me watch some extra Blue’s Clues, and Blue can make anybody feel better.

Someday maybe I’ll know about these silly things Mommy and Daddy say.  Plants for faces and me being a cookie.


  1. That is a dangerous back door! Poor Braska.

  2. Poor sweetie! When I said awwww, Jack came runnin' and has given your poor little face about 4 kisses. That feels better, right??

  3. So sorry you got such a boo-boo. But I know you will bounce back really soon!

  4. Ouch!! That looks like an owie!! Feel better sweet girl!

  5. OuuucccchhH!!! SOrry to hear about that, Braska!!

  6. BRASKABEAN!!!!!!!!! Oh, however did I miss this post? You brave soldier. And, if it's any consolation, i've never seen ANYONE look cuter wearing half a groucho marx mustache. sweet, sweet little pickle. you ARE a tough cookie. Toughest one I know.


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