Thursday, March 22, 2007

More scales?

I went to see Dr. Y today, and of course, Miss Laurie and Miss Amiee too. Miss Laurie put me on that silly scale again, and everyone seemed pleased with what they saw. I don't know why they feel like they have to put me through that deal over and over.

Then, after Dr. Y checked me out, Miss Laurie came back and stuck me with something very sharp three times. That was no fun at all. I told her about it, too. But Mommy told me I did real good, so then I was happy.

Mommy, Pop, Belle, and I went for another walk today. I like walks. I like to be outside. But whatever we're walking on is really bumpy. Mommy says the sidewalks need fixing, and I hope it happens soon.

Tonight our friends Miss Debbie and Mr. Kevin came over. They brought dinner for Mommy and Pop. I didn't get to have any food, but they played with me. Miss Debbie brought me all kinds of neat toys and even a new coat for next year. I can't imagine I'll ever be that big, but they told me I'll make it. Mommy and Miss Debbie watched basketball and talked alot, and Pop and Mr. Kevin watched other stuff while Pop worked on his computer. I played with each of them for a little while then I would change my mind and ask for someone new.

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