Monday, April 9, 2012

100/366 Video progress report: Swimming

(Seriously? This is day 100 of this year?  Unreal.)

Mondays are when I have swim class.  Me and Miss S go swimming together, and she helps me learn how to do it better.  I took a break for a while when it was cold, but now I’m working hard again.  I’ve been using this when I swim, but last week, Miss S said I was doing better and could just use the regular swim belt that they have.  Mommy hasn’t seen me swim for a while because she’s been working or busy when I had swim class. I was excited she got to take me tonight!

SO… tonight she was surprised to see me doing this…. (yep, it’s movie time…here it is…)

And one more little peek at my out and in.

It was FUN to go up and down the pool all those times.  I did 10 laps! 

In case you can’t see my silly face in that one…  here’s another one…

I was so excited that I got to swim all by myself.  I was laughing while I was swimming!

It is going to be a REALLY fun summer full of swimming!


  1. Go Braska! That is some awesome swimming!

    [Ear tubes? Logistics thereof? Lemme know!]

  2. Oh my goodness! It was fun and inspirational to watch your video. While I was watching your video, I said WOWWWW at the same time than your mommy in the video.


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