Tuesday, April 10, 2012

101/366 Tuesday night friends

We went to dinner tonight at our favorite place.  All our friends from Tuesday nights at Ella’s house came too.

We usually go to Ella’s house to play while the adults talk about other stuff, but this time we decided to go to dinner instead.

After it was over, Ella and KiKi sat with Mommy and Ella played games on Mommy’s phone.  Then the other friends came to see what was going on.  And I wanted to see, too.  And this is what Daddy caught with the camera…

That’s Mommy with a whole bunch of kids on her.  And look at what KiKi is doing…  Mommy didn’t even know about it. Til later. Silly KiKi…


  1. Too funny! You look so calm and collected, like you ALWAYS have a mass of kids perched on your lap. :)

  2. Love it! Keeks is just trying to mix things up a bit :)


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