Monday, April 2, 2012

93/366 Auntie and Uncle evening

Mommy and Daddy went out tonight with PaPaw to a special show.  Auntie Rach and Uncle Patrick came over to stay with us.  But we didn’t really “stay” much, at least me and Auntie Rachel didn’t.

First we went to my swim lesson at the Y.  KiKi and Auntie Rach watched me practice with Miss S.  I’m doing pretty well.  It’s about time for a new swim movie, I think!

After I got done, it was time to get dressed and go home for a shower.  First we had to stop and play with the mirror a little.

I got cleaned up and dressed again, Stopped for a quick book with Uncle Patrick, and me and Auntie Rachel went to a meeting about a show I’m gonna be in later this month. 

After we got home, we got ready for bed.  It was a busy evening!  But it’s always fun to play with them when they come over!

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