Sunday, April 29, 2012

120/366 Go Team! Then go play!

On Sundays now I go to cheer practice after my nap.  This week, Mommy had to work so we went to pick her up from work and went straight to cheer.

I did something new this time… I tried the big roll thingy on my back.  I don’t like to be on my back at ALL.  So Mommy and Daddy were really surprised to see me do it. And I did it a few times!

After cheer, we went right to the next place, the Magic House!  All my “extra” special friends were there, so I went to see them and play a while.  We got there a little late since we had a long way to drive from where we cheer, but we still had fun.

KiKi liked climbing in the GRRRREAT big tree.

I found my favorite part of the whole place right at the beginning.  You lift up the letters and see things that start with that letter. 

I did some climbing way up high too.

Before we left, I tried the big tree too.  But I didn’t go very far because it’s hard!

We had a good time, even though we were just there for a little while.  Now we will just keep asking Mommy til she takes us back again!

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