Saturday, April 28, 2012

119/366 Healthy kids

Saturdays are busy. We always start at dance class.  This week, KiKi went a little too far with her plie` and almost sat on the floor.

After dance class, Mommy had to go to work. And it was a special Healthy Kids Day at the Y, so Daddy took us up there after lunch to see what was going on.  There was a fire truck, and bounce house, and games to play, and books to win. 

There were nice ladies doing haircuts for kids, so KiKi got a little trim.  Then the lady put orange stripes in KiKi’s hair.  It was pretty cool.  KiKi had to stand on the chair the whole time, but she did really good and stayed very still.

My favorite part was the bounce house.  I just like to lay down on the floor and let everyone bounce me around.  I can’t stand up in there.

There was a REALLY big Clifford there.  I just looked at him. He knew our names and everything.  KiKi was a little shy with him.

Then we went outside where the little horse was.  I didn’t want to ride. I don’t like to get on horses at all.  KiKi thought it was great!


It was a fun day… we learned that we’re pretty healthy kids after all.

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