Friday, April 27, 2012

118/366 Grandma C and PaPaw at school

Usually when I go to school, I just play with my school friends and my teachers.  But it was SO cool to get to take my Grandma C and PaPaw to school with me for a special day!  They even picked me up and took me to school.  It was kind of like I got to go in the bus but a lot more comfy and with people I know.

They got to stay with me the whole day, and I showed them all the fun things I like to do.   Mommy came to take some pictures later, and she peeked in one time to say hi.

PaPaw let KiKi come in too, and my teachers were so nice to let her stay and play for the last little bit.  She worked on a puzzle on the floor with PaPaw.

Grandma C read me a book, and I showed her how all know how to do the calendar and lots of things.

But don’t worry, KiKi had fun when she was home for the morning with Mommy and Baby Patrick.  She just loves to help take care of him, so she helped him have a bottle before they came up to visit school.

Thanks for coming to school, Grandma C and PaPaw!

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