Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 for 21: Run-day Sunday

First Daddy went to popcorn church early to help set things up.

Then he came home and we all went back to popcorn church. (Have I ever told you why we call it that??)

Then we came home for lunch and changed clothes to play clothes.

Then Mommy went to meetings at work and Daddy took us to Jon’s birthday party at the new playground. It was a little chilly and we got rained on.  Miss Jenny was there and she took this picture of us trying to get warm.

Then we came home and Mommy came home and we changed into cheer clothes super fast and got back in the car. Miss Linda came over and hopped in with us to go to cheer. She wanted to see how we practice.

KiKi’s working on doing one-leg stunting.

And I went all the way up tonight and didn’t get worried at all. 

Then we went to dinner with Miss Linda.

Then we came home and got ready for bed right away.

Now we sleep. Phew!  That’s a lot in one day!

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