Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 for 21: A field trip. Again.

KiKi’s class must have heard how much fun we had at the pumpkin patch yesterday, because they went today!  Mommy went both times, so I’ll let her tell you about their day today…

Déjà vu. We loaded up the van with cute little girls. Yesterday it was only Braska and a friend and the friend’s mom, today it was Kinlee and 3 friends plus 1 other mom.  Kinlee has a serious selection of shades that live in the van, so everyone chose a pair for the ride.

KiKi’s class went to the same place, but a different location.  So it was similar but different.  Keeping it interesting, which was ok since two field trips in two days could get boring…

Climbing the big hay pyramid…


For the most part, Kinlee was pretty excited about the whole event.

She liked the swing, of course.

The zipline was a BIG hit!

A little video clip of the zipline…

She kept refusing to take a picture with me… showing once again how strangely a 3-year-old brain can think. No good reason, just didn’t want a picture.  But we managed this one on the hay ride.

Tumbling down the big slide with her buddy C.

KiKi is the youngest and smallest in her class by far, since we bumped her up to the next class at school.  But she really has some sweet friends, and they’re all SO full of energy.  It was a fun day.


  1. A selection of shades? LOL! I love it! Kinlee, you rock! Looks like another really fun day! I can't wait until I can do some field trips with Little Miss D.


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