Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 for 21: Go run go some more

Today we went to school, Mommy went to do some cleaning she does, then she came to pick us up and we went back to that house for her to finish. Then we came back out to where we live and went to my old school so I could see Miss Jenny.  I go play with her every week so she can help me write my letters better.

It was a lot of being in the car back and forth. I like to untie my shoes and sometimes I take them off. I’m not supposed to do that.  Shhhhhhh…..

When we got home after seeing Miss Jenny, KiKi asked if we could take a walk, so we did.  Just a short one down the street.  We found a place where the puffy things are that you can blow.  So we picked some and practiced our blowing.

Then it was dinner, and a quick swing in the back yard with Mommy, then bath and bed.  Whew… these days make me tired.  Glad I don’t have to stay up and do the dishes!

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  1. Little Miss D likes to untie her shoes, take them off, remove her hairbows, etc. Sometimes I have to re-dress her when we get where we're going :-)


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