Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 for 21: Birthday Field trip

Today we took a field trip. My first one in kindergarten!

My friend helped me do lots of things. Like climb WAY to the top of this hay tower. Mrs. E was up there and we waved to Mommy from across the way.

Since it’s Mommy’s birthday we stopped for a smiley picture together.

All my school friends are so nice.  There are 7 other kids in my class.  They’re all way bigger and faster than me, but they always help me and invite me to go with them.  My friend E is one of my favorite buddies. We went around and did some fun things together. She even was my car buddy and her mommy and her rode with me and Mommy in our car.
(Mommy note: I can NOT say enough things about the kids in B’s class. They are just amazing.  That has a lot to do with a superb teacher in a really great school.  But the kids themselves are just so sweet, so wonderful with B.  Patient but not too patronizing. They just love her and want her to be doing things with them all the time. She has really thrived in this environment and I couldn’t be more happy with her class situation. I know I need to talk more about the whole private school/no SpEd/no IEP thing. I’ll try soon!)

I liked this horsey swing.  I wanted to go HIGHER!  My friend A’s mommy was helping but she was afraid to make me go high.

So Mommy took over and pushed me really high!  I LOVE to swing high!

And the big slide… it was WAY fun too.  I did it lots and lots.  There was a big bunch of stairs to get up there, but I’m getting pretty good at them so it wasn’t that hard.

Before bed, we had a silly picture with Mommy for her birthday.  It was a fun day!


  1. Dear Braska - Please wish your mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me!
    xoxo, k.

  2. Wow! Looks like it was a really fun day! So glad you and Mommy enjoyed it! And a very Happy Belated Birthday Mommy!


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